Even E- sports has been officially recognized as a sport project, it is nonetheless complete of controversies. How extended does E- sports far away from the wild recognition of the public and from the regular sports?

Present: the co-existence of troubles and hope

On July 22, 2014, Newbee won the T14 and gained 5 million dollars as an award, which causes a sensation. Such a huge quantity of bonus even attracted the consideration of lots of regular print media. Electronic sports expanded its impacts by this opportunity effectively. On the other hand, some opinions of media workers reflected the thoughts of the basic public: Playing games can earn revenue as well? It shows that electronic sports nonetheless have a extended way to go if it desires to be accepted by regular minds.

It can be mentioned that, with the influence of network addiction, misunderstandings of the public are not incidental. According to the votes performed by People's Every day On line, only 20% of the voters approve that E- sports really should be accounted as a sport project. This poll also reflects that men and women lack of understanding of E- sports and confuse E- sports with playing on the internet games.

Issues not only come from the outdoors, but also from inside. There are renowned players Sky and Newbee, but also ordinary players who are in a tight spot even fail to have a job with steady salary and get supports from their family members. Even Newbee dared to confess to their parents soon after their accomplishment. In addition to, from a hobby to a profession, challenging instruction could not be neglected. Experienced players need to have to train at least 10 hours every single day.

Identical as other regular sports, retirement also exists amongst E- sports players. Golden age for E- sports is in between 18 to 25. Becoming poorly educated for the duration of this period is 1 of the most significant motives for the public's misunderstanding.

As an sector who is progressively exploring enterprise pattern and forming industrial chain nonetheless has a extended way to go. Even though faces with barriers and obstacles along the road, E- sports sector in China is nonetheless complete of hope with the endeavor of the government, capital, players and companies. It is transferring to be a regular and really serious sector.

An officer from State Basic Administration of Sports says that: Each and every sport is a solution of the improvement of social productive forces and the modifications of the society. Track and field coming from agrarian age cycle racing coming from industrial age and E- sports coming from facts and technologies age, which represents the attitude of governmental departments. There is 1 sentence could judge E- sports objectively: E- sports players are not a group of men and women who addicted in games but an individual who attempt to recognize themselves in games.

Makers and capitals will concentrate on E- sports sector chains and players. Except hosting competitions with higher reward, the recognition of reside-broadcasting platforms, such as Douyu Television or Zhanqi Television, deliver steady earnings to E- sports players.

Future: passion will final forever

Only passion and hope can assistance this sector to create, modify and move forward. To be frank, E- sports is a profession with higher dangers. Wonderful stress and prejudices ought to be accepted no matter who desires to be a component of this sector. It has absolutely nothing to do with wealth, reputation and status. It matters the pleasures in your deep heart. It matters the concentrate and dedication.

I admire these athletes who attempt to challenge the limit of human once more and once more. But I also admire these E- sports players who invest their beneficial time and power on it even take dangers of misunderstanding. They also deserve a hug, a bunch of flowers and a type smile.