Do you want to learn how to properly build your Mage in Rift to tackle any scenario? Rift is the first MMORPG to adopt a sub-class system that allows your character to take on any role with combinations of souls.

Whether you want to solo or party up with members, you can do so with the right build and combination of souls for your Mage. Here are a couple of tips that will help you find the perfect build for any situation.

Before we get into the different combination of souls, you should have a basic understanding of what each Mage soul is capable of. Below is a break down of all Mage souls:

Dominator Soul – This soul is most commonly used as an off-soul. The Dominator has the ability to use powers called Transmogrify and Neural Prod.

Elementalist Soul – The Elementalist is a very powerful soul that allows you to summon pets to aid in your battles. You have 3 options of pets to choose from and can even CC enemies when you are PVPing.

Archon Soul – This soul is considered as a support because it has the abilities to buff friendlies and debuff enemies. The Archon soul is not recommended to be used as the main soul.

Pyromancer Soul – The Pyromancer soul has the ability to control fire. This soul can either deal lots of DPS to a single target or AOE damage.

Stormcaller Soul – This soul uses spells to deal damage to its enemies with air and water attacks.

Necromancer Soul- This soul is similar to the Elementalist soul as you can also summon a pet to help you tank and fight off enemies. The Necromancer soul also allows you to heal and has a buff to increase damage temporarily.

Chloromancer Soul – The Chloromancer soul has the ability to heal party members and can also inflict damage on enemy targets. This soul is a very good support soul as you can constantly heal yourself during battles.

Now that you have the basic understanding of what each soul is capable of, we can get into the best combinations for solo or group play.

If you want to build a soloing Mage, it is recommended to use the Necromancer as your main soul and choose the Chloromancer and the Dominator as your off-souls. The Necromancer allows you to summon Skeletal Horror, which is a pet that is very ideal for tanking, while the Choloromancer and the Dominator allow you to heal and CC targets when needed respectively.

Now, if you are in a group, you will probably want to go for the DPS build. If you want to play the DPS role, select the Pyromancer has your main soul with the Warlock and Necromancers as your off souls. This combination allows you to use the Necromancer's Sketetal Horror to tank enemies while you inflict maximum DPS with your Pyromancer abilities.

Knowing exactly what builds to use in every situation for your Mage separates the novice Rift players from the pros. So how do you know which combination is the best to use for each scenario?

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